As we all know a certain virus has hit the world and lives are now being disrupted.

No one knows how this will impact, longer term, upon our businesses and society at large.

The U.K. may need to go into shut down, as in Italy, Spain and other nations, towns and cities.

I believe that such measures need not mean that all businesses need to stop developing and evolving during any such measures.

One thing that can be carried out is a review of marketing material, in particular your images.

With this in mind The Time-Lord is going to introduce you to some valuable software that you can use if you find yourself confined to your home.

The first step is for you to download some software called Luminar manufactured and sold by a company called Skylum Software. You can download it, on a free trial basis, from the following link that can be found here.

That is it for now, but, keep an eye on my LinkedIn p[age, youTube channel, and return here for the first tutorial regarding this software.

Live long and prosper, may THE force be with you on your quest as it is probably a mission from God, but hey, be careful out there.