As I have often said, we now live in a visual age. On social media one is competing with a cat falling off a T.V., or a skateboarder coming a cropper and so on. Getting someone to stop, like and comment on social media posts is difficult.

Sometimes it takes a little bit of imagination or quirkiness to gain traction.

As I am a Time-Lord, this branding has become recognisable. (I have even been stopped and asked for my autograph! It is working.) Just last week, whilst travelling on the tube in London, someone said that they loved my look. We got chatting. My fellow traveller has a PHD in Chemistry, a degree in Physics, specialising in particle physics, and they are a Director and head of department of a global brand. They wish to catch up over a coffee.

We can confidently state that standing out from the crowd with visual imagery that grabs attention is important. (You do not need to become a Time-Lord.)

The picture at the head of this article demonstrates this. It is taken in Masnou, a town that is twenty minutes outside of Barcelona. It harks back to an infamous photograph of a certain pop group, in London. The Beatles and their walking across the zebra crossing in Abbey Road. But, it is a repeated image of me, The Time-Lord x 4.

It fits with me being a Time-Lord and travelling through time.

I then expanded this concept of traversing across different dimensions further with another image.

These images are fairly easy to shoot and produce. Stand a camera on a tripod; keep a remote on top of the camera; set the camera on auto focus; set the camera to a manual shutter speed, aperture and ISO; set the correct white balance; set the shutter to high speed; then one is ready to go.

Start walking away on one side of the frame whilst pressing the remote shutter device. Stop it. Position oneself in the middle of the frame. Start walking toward the camera whilst pressing the remote again. Stop the shutter. Move to the side of the frame, pose, press the remote a final time.

Back at the computer, process the images in Adobe Lightroom. Choose the images one wishes to use. Export them to jpg format. Use Adobe Photoshop to merge the images. Make some adjustments on exposure, brightness etc… to make the picture seamless. Voila, one has a single image.

This image, on its own, will stop folk on social media and cause them to stop scrolling. But, more importantly, one can also do this.

The same image can then be used within an advertising campaign. I happen to be speaking at this conference. I will be speaking about AI, the challenges that follow, why we need to adapt and why we can all embrace AI rather than fear it.

Considering what images you can use, to gain attention, is of vital importance for you and your business in this visual age.

Live long and prosper and may the force be with you on your quest, as it is probably a mission from God, but hey, be careful out there.