What Do You Expect?

Quality takes time is an old saying.

Earlier this year I saw a feature on BBC Countryfile about the last English Clogmaker and I was fascinated. This was in February.

Below is a picture of the clogs in an unfinished state, sent to me for a final measuring.

Photo by Arwyn Bailey

I immediately realised that some handmade clogs would match my brand as a Time-Lord.

I went straight onto the website of this craftsman.  The lead time for some clogs was around three months.

Delay and Waiting

I realised that after this feature on Jeremy, the featured clog maker on the BBC, the lead time was likely to increase.

Deliberately I delayed my order.

A few weeks later I checked the lead time again. It was showing as being around six months.

I delayed my order again.


As I have said, quality takes time, I was prepared to wait for these clogs.

Finally, I put in my order for some Welsh Slipper Clogs. (A nod to my Celtic heritage.)

I was still prepared to wait.

The Process.

When putting in my order, to Jeremy for my clogs, I had to draw around my feet and submit this with my order.

The order was sent off. I also enclosed a note that I have Calcanian Spurs at the rear of my foot. Every pair of shoes that I buy, I develop blisters on the heels of both feet until the leather becomes supple.

I then sat back and waited. This was around June this year.

I received an email back from the studio of the clog maker. He said that he would get around to the manufacture of my clogs in the autumn.

Quality Takes Time.

I received another email update from Jeremy around September.

I then made an enquiry late October regarding my order.

Jeremy explained that his workload had been, in one particular case, quite difficult for a number of reasons.

He offered a refund of my deposit, due to the delay, but, he hoped to start making my clogs in the next batch of orders.

He also apologised.

My Decision.


Photo by Arwyn Bailey.

If you were in my position, what decision might you have taken?

I decided to persevere, but why?

My easy option was to go with the refund and take a trip to a local shoe store and buy some stylish shoes.

I asked Jeremy to continue as quality takes time.

Next Steps.

I received the wooden soles, as pictured above, with full instructions, for the final fitting in December.

I measured and photographed my feet. The soles are an almost perfect fit!

The finished clogs are now being returned.

I am really looking forward to wearing them, as the Time-Lord.

Learning Points.

This experience has reiterated the fact that to produce a unique, high quality product, one has to find the right person, and be patient.

Quality cannot be rushed.

Photo by Arwyn Bailey.

When I take a picture that picture is utterly unique.  No one has that exact same image in their possession, shot at that exact moment.

I have shot boxers, in action, as can be seen in the image above.

I wanted to produce a set of images that were different to the normal glossy, bright sports page images.

I created a series of fine art shots that are different.

These images have won awards for me and high-praise from many.

This is why I waited, patiently, for the clogs from Jeremy rather than buying a pair of shoes from a shoe store.

Clogs and retail bought shoes perform the same function.

These clogs are hand made, stylish and unique.

Furthermore, Jeremy has taken note of my Calcanian Spurs and used the softest and most supple leather that he has.

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Lord Pennington-Bailey, Arwyn, of Hougun Manor.