One of the most asked questions of me, as the Time-Lord is what is the best Camera to buy?

The answer is simple. There isn’t one. The best camera is the one that you have on you at the time. That is the short answer.

The longer and more complex answer is that it depends upon what you are taking images of? How frequently will you be using the camera? How often will you be shooting? Who are the images for? Are you going to print the images as art? Are the images going to be digital only?

These are just a few questions to consider when thinking about what a “good” camera might be? On top of all of the electronic gadgetry that is available today, a photographer will understand the settings on older equipment such as a Twin Lens Reflex film camera.

This camera, around 50 – 100 years ago, depending upon the model used, was a cutting edge expensive camera at the time. As a Time-Lord I can still shoot great images with one of these brilliant cameras and I love going out and about with it.

When you are taking shots and video for your own business learn how to frame shots, the rule of thirds, how to use rim lighting, short lighting, long lighting, leading lines, the bokeh effect as a basic start.

Have a great day. Live long and prosper, may THE force be with you on your quest as oit is probably a mission from God, but hey, be careful out there.