Event and Trade Show Photography.

Event and trade show photography and video can get you and your brand noticed.

But, the publication of such media needs to be planned around a well thought out strategy.

We live in an instant visual age, so, you may want to issue images of your event quickly.

Is this the right thing to do?

We can learn more by reviewing some of the scenarios that I have worked in over the years

Trade & Event Shows.

Sometimes the publication of images needs to be suppressed for a time.

For example, I was under an embargo when working at the build of several events.

This included Design Junction Kings Cross, Gamescom and MWC Barcelona.

Products were being launched on the press day at all of these events.

It is understandable that, prior to the launch day, I was unable to publish any images or video of the build.

Event and Trade Photography | T L Media Arwyn Bailey

Event and Trade Photography that helps to get you and your brand noticed.

Five high profile clients, along with a logistics company and the stand designers wanted a record of the build to use for marketing at a later date.

In this situation I can edit and show images of the event itself on the launch date.

The build images are kept under wraps until later promotional needs arise.

It is also important that you can trust a professional photographer to keep things under wraps.

This type of situation is most often used to promote the services design and logistics companies.

But, you might want to record the build of your company stand to demonstrate the logistical solving issues that you offer to your own clients.

Promotional Events.

When I worked with Microsoft there was a more urgent need to get the images edited and ready for use.  This was for their event that they called The Imaginarium.

Event and Trade Photography | T L Media Arwyn Bailey

Event and Trade Photography that helps to get you and your brand noticed.

The need with such an event is not immediate publication, but, it is a step toward immediacy.

You may want to use images for banners on your website or on LinkedIn as a promotion.

All of these scenarios require a varied timescale regarding the turn around from clicking the button to the final edit.

Awards & Gala Dinner.

I was immediately processing the images of the annual awards dinner for the SME estate agency, Gibbs Gillespie.

This enabled me to project the award images onto a screen during the dinner.

At this event there was a need for immediate publication to meet the strategy.

Urgency and Immediacy.

We might live in an age of urgency and immediacy, but, make sure that you get your event and trade show photography right.

This level of campaign strategy requires thought.

It is important to use an experienced professional photographer.

If you rely upon smart phone images to record your event, you will end up lo-resolution, out of focus and poorly lit images.

Engaging with me, as an experienced photographer, will ensure that you gain images that reflect your brand.

You can use your event and trade show photography and images well into the future for your marketing needs.

The images that I produce will also tell the story of of your stand, and, the interaction with visitors to your stand.

I also show your stand off in context within the event itself.

Why me?

By using the photographic and videography media that I produce for you, you will be in a prime position to show off your brand.

Event and Trade Photography | T L Media Arwyn Bailey

Event and Trade Photography that helps to get you and your brand noticed.

As  someone who has worked at events, both large and small, I can plan, with you, your visual media campaign.

Do not rely upon that upright smart phone video footage.

Images that will not translate into a wide landscape on your website are pointless.

I understand what is entailed within a large or small event or trade show.

I understand this world and how to create an impact.

From coaching and training sessions and smaller local or regional events, through to large international events, I can be there for you.

Still images to mood board videos will capture the imagination of existing and potential clients.

The services that I provide will garner results for you.

Tapping into my experience starts by you contacting me via my contact page by clicking here for a no obligation conversation.

Also, you can learn more about me by viewing my YouTube Channel that can be found by clicking here.

Please feel free to review the services that both I and my team offer, as we come out of the COVID-19 situation.

Start planning your event from 2021 onwards, with me.

Bailey, Arwyn Pennington, Lord of Hougun Manor.