OPUS 9 – The Preacher


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OPUS No 9 – The Preacher

We all have a story to tell, but, some stories are major learning points.

Whatever one might believe, the teachings of the first century Rabbi, called Yeshua (Jesus), changed and affected more lives than any other human being.

This piece is dedicated to the son-in-law of the Time-Lord, Danny, Parish Priest in Loudwater Buckinghamshire.

Experience the process of the preparation of a sermon as the ideas come and race through the mind.

The sermon is delivered, a response is called for, hearts are affected, and the talk ends, quietly.

Whether you believe or not, experience the emotions where a message means so very much.

PS: Also, be entertained!

You can listen to this track by clicking here.

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20000 in stock

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COVID-60 Tone Poems

Uplifting music during the COVID-19 Pandemic and beyond is now here.

Music that is peaceful; has dissonance; is passionate, thought provoking, energetic, can be found here in these original pieces from the keyboard of the Time-Lord.

There are also some familiar extracts borrowed from across the world and repurposed in this collection.

The pieces are designed to be visually engaging and accessible to all.

It is time to sit back and experience something new and to wonder if Life is Everything, as Reg Dwight, commonly known as Elton John, wrote and sang.

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