OPUS 17 – Abandoned & Displaced


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OPUS No 17 – Abandoned & Displaced

We are approaching the 20th anniversary of the attacks on the twin towers on 9/11.

We have also seen the withdrawal of military personnel and some civilians from Afghanistan after 20 years of deployment.

This piece has been composed, for cello and piano, with these events and the conflicts of the world in mind.

The largest mass movement of humanity in history has also taken place over many years.

So many have been abandoned or displaced. This piece reflects the middle eastern cry of the refugee, whilst acknowledging the bravery and compromise of the military personnel and the situations that they have been faced with.

The ending imagines the planes taking off, from Afghanistan, with refugees looking on with their hearts being broken.

All profits from the sale of this score are given to a charity, Refugee Compassion. The aim of this charity is to raise funds, food,, blankets, tents, clothes, medical supplies and more, for refugees who are homeless and displaced. You can learn more about this charity by clicking here.

Any recordings and performances, whether live or recorded, are all subject to copyright and any profits made from any recordings will be given over to this charity in perpetuity. By purchasing this score you agree to the terms of copyright as outlined within this agreement and this purchase is also subject the laws of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Please contact us for any clarification that is required regarding all copyright issues.

You can visit the dedicated youTube channel by clicking here.

20000 in stock

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COVID-60 Tone Poems

Uplifting music during the COVID-19 Pandemic and beyond is now here.

Music that is peaceful; has dissonance; is passionate, thought provoking, energetic, can be found here in these original pieces from the keyboard of the Time-Lord.

There are also some familiar extracts borrowed from across the world and repurposed in this collection.

The pieces are designed to be visually engaging and accessible to all.

It is time to sit back and experience something new and to wonder if Life is Everything, as Reg Dwight, commonly known as Elton John, wrote and sang.

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