OPUS 11 – COVID Prayer


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OPUS No 11 – COVID Prayer

The original of this piece was composed for the baptism of Samuel Bailey more than 25 years ago by Jeremy Lewis.

The opening of the alto part is also inspired by Schoenberg’s Les Miserables.

I have recently expanded the original piece and arranged this for four voices, Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass, with a piano accompaniment.

The concept of the piece, at this time, is to highlight the fact that we are separate, as in four separate parts, but, we are unified by the accompaniment of our lives, which is the piano part, and our collective experience is bringing us together.

The deeper message is that we need to take care of our mental, spiritual and physical needs. During the pandemic many of us have been living in close proximity with one other. Perhaps tensions have been increased. Now might be a time when we need to say sorry to someone. We may not have been considerate on social media. This may be another cause for an apology that needs to be made.

Some of us have been alone during the pandemic. Perhaps uncared for. The rest of us may need to become more considerate and hold out a helping hand, taking care of others.

This piece, along with the track and video that is being released, reflects this message of separateness, yet unity; sorrow, yet joy; the need for repentance and forgiveness; the need to be community and acknowledge that we are part of a wider community; and finally, that there is hope, a greater hope, even within this pandemic.

Please spread this message, download this score, and adapt it to however you want.

This piece is under copyright and can only be used for your own use within one choir.

All profits from the sale of this score are given to a charity, Corona Virus Action Support. The aim of this charity is to raise funds for the cost of counselling of employees who are referred to counselling by their employers. You can learn more about this charity by clicking here.

Any recordings and performances, whether live or recorded, are all subject to copyright and any profits made from any recordings will be given over to this charity in perpetuity. By purchasing this score you agree to the terms of copyright as outlined within this agreement and this purchase is also subject the laws of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Please contact us for any clarification that is required regarding all copyright issues.

You can visit the dedicated youTube channel by clicking here.

20000 in stock

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COVID-60 Tone Poems

Uplifting music during the COVID-19 Pandemic and beyond is now here.

Music that is peaceful; has dissonance; is passionate, thought provoking, energetic, can be found here in these original pieces from the keyboard of the Time-Lord.

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