Print: 24″ x 10″

Frame: 28″ x 14″

Printed on a high quality platinum paper

Mount: The print is secured between two pieces of glass

Print Details

Something different from the studio of the Time-Lord is a series of digital art pieces.

This art is a piece of design that has been submitted to an exclusive Italian company as a design for their limited edition wall coverings.

As a stand alone image, framed between two pieces of glass, this design is unique and will look quite outstanding on your wall.

Just 2 prints of each digital image are available making these images highly limited.

As stated, each image is mounted between two pieces of glass making the surround of each print being whatever is behind the art as it hangs on your wall.

The Time-Lord also signs each print on the glass and applies his own wax seal to mark it out as an authentic limited edition print.

Please contact us with any questions.