criss cross




Print: 10″ x 6″

Frame: 16″ x 12″

Printed on a high quality platinum paper

Mount: The print is secured between two pieces of glass



Print Details

This image is from a series of six fine art black and white images of the interactive sculpture at Kew Gardens of The Hive.


“Designed by UK based artist Wolfgang Buttress, The Hive is a visual tribute to Britain’s honeybees. Originally created for the UK Pavilion at the 2015 Milan Expo, it now lives in our Gardens at Kew –  surrounded by wildflowers to celebrate the environments that real bees need to thrive.

The Hive’s distinctive mesh frame is constructed from 170,000 aluminium parts and 1,000 LED lights. It took four months to reconstruct here at Kew and is now one of the most unique features in our Gardens.

In 2016 The Hive won a Landscape Institute Award for its immersive impact. A beacon of contemporary art, it continues to stand tall as a striking symbol of the challenges facing bees today.”

Kew Gardens


This images shows the structure and the light bulbs within this amazing installation. A natural bee hive is a delicate structure, with geometry at its heart, creating a stable home. The metallic structure of this sculpture reflect this solidity, whilst the light bulbs in this image represent the bees who are working within a nearby hive.


Only 9 prints of each image are sold making the images limited and highly sought after. Each image is mounted between two pieces of glass, the surround of each print being see through.


As The Time-Lord I sign each print on the glass and apply my own wax seal to mark it out as an authentic limited edition print.


Please contact me with any questions.

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