Bailey, Arwyn Pennington, Lord of Hougan Manor

it’s me

I am Bailey, Arwyn Pennington, Lord of Hougan Manor and I am a real life Time-Lord.


I capture moments in time through the use of two distinct art forms, namely photography and videography.


I have captured both still and moving images for some of the largest corporate entities on the planet and many high quality SME companies.


Uninhibited, I work with my clients with a unique clarity of vision and purpose. Both my colleagues and clients agree with this:


“Arwyn brings the classic techniques of photography in particular and art in general to modern image capture. His experience with a lens spans 4 decades and you can see it in his work. Meticulous preparation, smart lighting and delicate editing combine to create some truly impressive results.”


Behind the lens I interpret what I see before me to produce a story that has impact and beauty, whether it be that I am shooting a model, a company director, a sales team, a building or a small widget.


Working at the biggest tech shows in the world, such as Gamescom and Mobile World Congress, has made me one of the most sought after creatives and brand photographers in the U.K.